April Is National Greyhound Adoption Month

April 12th, 2012  |  Source: For the love of dog tales


Tens of thousands of greyhounds are bred every year for the 27 racetracks in the United States, according to the U.S. Humane Society.

They’re intentionally over-bred so there will be ample to replace old and underperforming greyhounds at the tracks. Each year, thousands of these retired dogs do not find a home; they are killed.

April is National Greyhound Adoption Month, a reminder for animal lovers that there is an industry that “throws away dogs like they are defective products,” says retired police officer Irvin Cannon, a dog lover whose new book, For the Love of Dog Tales (www.FortheLoveofDogTales.com), gives voice to man’s best friend.

“These dogs have feelings and intelligence, but they are treated like racing slaves so people can gamble,” Cannon says. “Who is the winner in this scenario?”

The Humane Society estimates thousands of retired racing dogs are put to death every year. Rabbits are another industry victim; thousands are maimed or killed in the race-training process.

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