Meet the Lady behind the iCow idea!

October 12th, 2010  |  Source: iHub Kenya



Su Kahumbu-Stephanou founded Green Dreams Ltd. in 2000, an organic farm in Tigoni, Kenya, dedicated to serving local consumers. Green Dreams now works with Kenyan farmers to achieve organic certification and connect them with local markets. They opened their first organic store in 2006, and are working to create Kenya’s first organic coffee shop.

“Kenya’s farmers are generally small scale farmers who cannot afford to follow industrialized conventional production. What they have is access to land, farmyard manure and manpower,” Su says. What they’re missing, she says, is the know-how to create a productive farm. “The biggest aspect that is missing in this sector is information,” she says.

Hence the conception of the idea iCow by Su Kahumbu-Stephanou; TED Global Fellow 2010 and Managing Director of Green Dreams Ltd.

According to Su, iCow is a voice based mobile application that will help farmers track the oestrus stages of their cows helping them to manage their breeding as well as cow nutrition leading up to the calving day. Farmers will update the system with definite known dates within the cow calender and the system will send call back  voice and sms alerts to the farmer during the year assisting them to make informed decisions.

iCow is a plugin App for the Mkulima Farmer Information Service and Helpline being developed by Green Dreams Ltd. iCow also recently won first place at the inaugural Apps4Africa competition.

Congratulations to Su Kahumbu-Stephanou and Green Dreams on this great idea!!

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