Pair of 18 yr olds cycle 10,000km: Beijing to Tehran to raise funds for children in Africa

September 13th, 2016  |  Source:

Charles Stevens and Will Hsu - both 18 - are two of the youngest people to ever to attempt the feat. They cycled the Silk Road starting in May 2016 in support of A Child Unheard, with 100-percent of all funds donated going directly to the charity.  Donations are being collected via the official JustGiving page, with nearly £25,000 already raised:

At over 10,000 kilometers, passing through nine countries with temperatures ranging from minus 10-degrees Celsius to above 45 centigrade, this has been a test at all extremities - with some impressive landscape photographs captured by the pair during their trip.

The goal of the boys’ trek has been to raise £25,000 in support of A Child Unheard, a charity working to improve the lives of children in Africa through education, sports and arts. Both Will and Charles’ have been saving up money from their part-time jobs to fund the trip themselves, ensuring that all donations will go directly to A Child Unheard via the boys’ JustGiving charity page. 

The 10,000 kilometers covered nine countries and took Will and Charles four months to complete, from May to September of this year, and over the 120 days the boys have climbed to over 4,000 meters while descending below sea level. Supporters have been able to keep in touch with the Beijing-to-Tehran duo and monitor their progress via their blog on, where they have also been sharing amazing photos and stories during their journey.

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