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Changing Lives Through Football - Goal!

September 1st, 2010

1994 World Cup champion Raí is both a social justice activist and a world-class athlete. Watch his exclusive video interview for Changing Lives Through Football, Changemakers and Nike's collaborative competition to enact social change within the sport community.

Festival jackets & bags made from abandoned tents

August 18th, 2010  |  Source:

Thousands of tents are left behind by revelers after the UK's many music festivals each year, creating a mess for festival organizers and an unsustainable burden for landfills. Inspired by the environmental implications, WiTHiNTENT salvages the fabric from those leftover tents to create rain-proof clothing and accessories for the festival market.

A range of hoodies, ponchos, pac-a-macs and bags are now available from WiTHiNTENT, all of them designed and made in the UK. With a focus on the rain-protection needs of festival-goers, items are sold via stalls at the festivals themselves—including Glastonbury this summer—as well as weekly at Spitalfields Traders Market in London. Pricing ranges from GBP 10 for a WiTHiNTENT bag to GBP 55 for a zip-pocket jacket.

In addition to the sustainability factor, of course, upcycling offers the added advantages of free materials for the enterprising upcycler as well as a good story for consumers to share. One to emulate at waste-producing events in your neck of the woods...? (Related: Five businesses that turn trash into appealing new products — Waste to accessories, with a charitable twist.)


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