March 28th, 2011  |  Source: CMO/OP4G


A Cause-Directed Marketing Research Model that Raises Funds for Non-Profits Worldwide

Today the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is announcing a partnership with Op4G, Inc. that will enable companies and government agencies to field research more cost-effectively and efficiently while also supporting the work of non-profit organizations worldwide.

This is a novel corporate social responsibility initiative that invites non-profits and their public service-minded members to take part in market research activities -- conducted simply and efficiently online -- as a new way to raise funds or earn income.

The cause-directed survey model will lower research costs, shorten fielding times, heighten response rates and encourage more consistent survey feedback and participation. Additionally, by linking survey fielding to non-profit donations, marketers can add a powerful altruistic appeal and ensure market research dollars produce real social value while improving brand insight and perception.

“Each year, nearly $20 billion is spent on market research, several billion of which goes towards costly, time-consuming incentives rewards, giveaways and other gifts that gain or induce response,” noted Donovan Neale-May, the executive director of the CMO Council, which has more than 6,000 marketing executive members controlling an estimated $200 billion in annual spend.  ”Deploying these dollars in a more socially beneficial way, the Pause to Support a Cause campaign invites global marketers to use a dedicated panel of highly-motivated, demographically diverse consumers who have elected to participate in market research as a way to raise money for their charities of choice.”

Speaking by phone last week with Liz Miller, VP at the Council, Liz pegged the annual Global market research spend at $80 billion, $20 billion of which is in the US alone, she also credited Edward Martin with advancing many of the ideas behind the new campaign. Martin is the director of international insights and new methods at the Hershey Company.

Liz Miller went on to explain that a small universe of people who compulsively fill in surveys completes 80% of online surveys and this initiative will reach out to a wider universe, most of who will never have participated in market research before.

These ideas were developed and thoroughly tested for over a year and a half with their partner Op4G (Opinions4Good), a private Member-based, online research community.

The Op4G panel is comprised of consumers who have agreed to participate in online research in return for cash compensation, of which they share a minimum of 25% with a Non-Profit of their choice. It is a unique strategic alignment among Non-Profits, corporations, and Op4G benefiting each party with opportunities to generate market research and provide significant, monthly recurring revenues to Non-Profits across the country.

The CMO Council Pause to Support a Cause program offers continuous or periodic access to the Op4G database through an annual subscription or on a fee-for-use basis.

To learn more about the program, contact

Bryan DeRose (CMO Council) at bderose@cmocouncil.org or 650-433-4144, or

Jim Brennan, Op4G, at jimb@op4g.com or via phone at 207-351-6903.

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