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Exile on Wall Street: One Analyst's Fight to Save the Big Banks from Themselves

May 22nd, 2012  |  Source:

An insider points out the holes that still exist on Wall Street and in the banking system. Exile on Wall Street is a gripping read for anyone with an interest in business and finance, U.S. capitalism, the future of banking, and the root causes of the financial meltdown. 

Champions League Final Also Tests Financial Muscle

May 18th, 2012  |  Source: WSJ


There is more at stake in Saturday's Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea than the title. In it, the social market economy goes head-to-head with Anglo-Saxon capitalism.



A Harvard MBA's radical quest to erase his debt

May 16th, 2012  |  Source: Fortune

B-school grad Joe Mihalic went on an extreme financial diet to pay down over $90,000 in debt in just seven months and charted his story through an anonymous blogging project.

By John A. Byrne

Not always value for money

May 13th, 2012  |  Source:


Kai Peters, the chief executive of Ashridge Business School, tells Della Bradshaw, Business Education Editor, that students are not always seeing a good return on their investment, and that French schools have a competitive advantage over British ones because of their ability to merge. 



Video here:

Why I Hate VC Firms

May 3rd, 2012  |  Source: nxtbookmedia


A special guest post by Michael Biggerstaff, Chief Inspiration Officer of Nxtbook Media


Lawyers destroying value

May 2nd, 2012  |  Source:

Dewey & LeBoeuf, the New York law firm crippled by financial mismanagement, an exodus of partners and a criminal investigation of its former chairman, encouraged its partners on Monday evening to look for another job, according to an internal memo.

The firm’s leadership has been scrambling in recent days to stave off failure by merging with another law firm and persuading its lenders not to push it into liquidation.


The Man Who Broke Atlantic City

April 21st, 2012  |  Source: The Atlantic

Don Johnson won nearly $6 million playing blackjack in one night, single-handedly decimating the monthly revenue of Atlantic City’s Tropicana casino.

Not long before that, he’d taken the Borgata for $5 million and Caesars for $4 million. Here’s how he did it.


Full story here:


Brazil’s Vale sees market for 100 mega ships

April 12th, 2012  |  Source:

Vale has signaled it is prepared to commission more than 100 of its controversial giant Valemax ships as the biggest producer of iron ore battles with Australia-based miners for the key Chinese market.

The Brazilian miner expects Chinese appetite for iron ore to remain strong despite the country’s economic slowdown, providing the demand to justify the ships, which rank as the world’s largest dry bulk carriers with decks the size of three football pitches.

Jaguar to launch first sports car in four decades

April 6th, 2012  |  Source: Globe and Mail

Jaguar is taking on German premium carmakers such as Porsche by producing the F-Type, its first sports car in four decades.

The UK car brand, owned by India’s Tata Motors, said at the New York auto show that it planned to unveil a production version of a two-seat convertible later this year. Jaguar previewed its plans for a sports car last September in Frankfurt as a concept vehicle, the C-X16.

The car will be made at Jaguar Land Rover’s plant in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, and go on sale in 2013.

Sturm Ruger a company that can't keep up with demand for its product.

April 3rd, 2012  |  Source: Oakshire Financial

However what is more surprising, perhaps, than a gunmaker experiencing such heated demand for weaponry (are we preparing for a wild west breakdown of civil law?) is the fact that a $950 million company that's been in business for over 60 years, that knows its product and its customer base as well as any company can, and that reports no breakdown whatever in its production capability, could be caught off guard in such dramatic fashion and see orders go unfilled.


After receiving over a million orders in the first quarter, Ruger CEO Mike Fifer said:

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