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Taylor Swift, Trademarks and Music’s New Branding Model

March 4th, 2015  |  Source: Knowledge@Wharton

                       If you’re ready to “party like its 1989,” you’ll have to talk to Taylor Swift first. The pop star recently applied to trademark that phrase and others related to her songs — a move that marks a shift in the industry, as artists, songwriters and music publishers increasingly become independent brands. But the case also raises questions about where artists and industry players might cross the line and damage their reputations.


Here come the jobs, finally

March 3rd, 2015  |  Source: CS

Even the long-term unemployed are starting to find work.

But how strong is the jobs recovery, really? 

Trevor Parkes has been through the tunnel called unemployment in post-recession America and come out the other side. In the summer of 2013, he moved from Texas to Tennessee so his family could be closer to his wife’s parents. But when his new job evaporated with a layoff after just four months, Mr. Parkes was in trouble: unemployed in a difficult job market, edging toward age 50, and with two kids moving through school.

An African boom in building roads and railways should unclog economic bottlenecks, but is it sustainable?

March 2nd, 2015  |  Source: The Economist

ORANGE lights flash in the setting sun as Chinese workers lay train tracks on the dry edge of Tsavo national park in Kenya, lowering a 25-metre steel rail into place as gingerly as a dental filling. The men fret, with good reason: safety rules may protect them against falling sleepers but the African bush adheres to no regulations. Few workers dare to venture out of their sheet-metal camps at night for fear of big cats on the prowl: in January a watchman was mauled by a cheetah.

Paying for torture

February 26th, 2015  |  Source: The Economist

The CIA tortured suspected terrorists on Polish soil.
The European Court of Human Rights is making Poland pay the damages


Cuba’s Tech Start-up Sector: ‘People Are Hungry to Work’

February 25th, 2015  |  Source: Knowledge@Wharton

Growing up in Cuba, Jose Pimienta didn’t see the Internet until 2006. He and his friends taught themselves computer programming with a Russian textbook on the Pascal programming language that had been translated into Spanish. Even in university, when he finally had access to the Internet, Pimienta, now 27, was limited to 20 megabytes per month of data — a small fraction of what fits on a thumb drive today.

Poison Pill

February 24th, 2015  |  Source: PS Magazine

How the American opiate epidemic was started by one pharmaceutical company.

The state of Kentucky may finally get its deliverance. After more than seven years of battling the evasive legal tactics of Purdue Pharma, 2015 may be the year that Kentucky and its attorney general, Jack Conway, are able to move forward with a civil lawsuit alleging that the drugmaker misled doctors and patients about their blockbuster pain pill OxyContin, leading to a vicious addiction epidemic across large swaths of the state.

New beehive design doesn't disturb bees when you harvest honey

February 23rd, 2015  |  Source:

The worst part of being a beekeeper us pulling out the honey-laden frames from the box and tearing them up to get the honey. The bees hate it and so do I. That's why this new hive design, called Flow, is so cool.

Wal-Mart May Be Cheap, But It Would Rather Give Up Money Than Power

February 19th, 2015  |  Source: Bloomberg

The plan for a $9 pay floor follows years of union-backed pressure. It's not the first time the retailer has spent big when it was feeling the heat.

What Apple Just Did in Solar Is a Really Big Deal

February 12th, 2015  |  Source: Bloomberg

Breaks records, slays trolls:  

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