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Online Donation Rates are Higher Than Ever Before

April 9th, 2014  |  Source: M+R

M+R Benchmarks Study explains what’s going on in the world of online advocacy & fundraising

Now in its eighth year, the M+R Benchmarks Study, cosponsored by NTEN, analyzes the data that matters most to nonprofit online programs. The goal of the Study is to set benchmarks that help nonprofits measure their online performance, track progress, and guide strategy with an eye toward more effective fundraising and advocacy.

Here are 8 big trends that emerged from the nonprofits we surveyed:

1. The average one-time online donation amount to a nonprofit was $68 in 2013.


Nonprofit Growth Outpaces For-Profits in U.S.

March 10th, 2014  |  Source: NPQ

Although the overall economy has been expanding slowly, the nonprofit sector is vibrant, according to a recent report in the New York Times.

From 2001 to 2011, the Times reports that the number of nonprofits in the United States grew 25 percent, while the number of for-profit businesses rose by half a percent, quoting recent figures compiled by the Urban Institute.


February 13th, 2014  |  Source: Mitchell Foundation

The first thorough comparison of evidence for natural gas system leaks confirms that organizations including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have underestimated U.S. methane emissions generally, as well as those from the natural gas industry specifically.

The 5 Most Difficult Risks to Overcome as a Start-up

February 3rd, 2014  |  Source: VNN

Starting your own company is a rewarding yet scary experience. You have no idea if your idea is going to be a success or when you will start to draw a salary from your company. But the risks don’t end there. Macro economic headwinds might seem abstract, but things can go quickly wrong when you are at the helm of a fledgling company. So what are some of the bigger risks to consider as the owner of a start-up company?

Microfinance: Tiny loans are getting more expensive

February 1st, 2014  |  Source: The Economist

Interest on the minuscule loans made by microfinance outfits has always been high, but over the past few years it has become even higher. A recent paper, using data on over 1,500 microfinance institutions (MFIs) from around the world, shows that for the smallest loans, typically less than $150, the average rate climbed steadily from 30% in 2004 to 35% in 2011.*

Funding a Start Up Business with a Personal Loan: The Ins and Outs

A new start up business may be funded with credit and other lending products, prepaid income from a new company, and other available sources of business loans. There are several sources available in the U.K. that lend to entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business with their personal funding. Credit is important when first speaking with a traditional source.

Tip One: Being Prepared for the Interview


These are the 5 Personality Traits Every Employer Looks For

January 23rd, 2014  |  Source: Randstad

The interview process is about more than what's on your CV. Regardless of one's education and experience, there are specific personality traits relevant to performing particular jobs well. What an employer is mainly interested in isn't only whether you can do the job, but that you will do the job, and that you'll fit in. Randstad have identified the following 5 traits which every employer looks for.

1. Punctuality


Elizabeth Warren's New Bill Could Save Taxpayers Billions

January 15th, 2014  |  Source: Mother Jones

Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) introduced a bill with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) that aims to make government settlements with corporations more transparent and fair. It could end up saving taxpayers billions of dollars.


Tips and Tricks to Get a Graduate Job in IT

January 14th, 2014

Guest blog 

The IT graduate job market is as competitive as ever. With more people coming away from their education with a degree in hand, there are only so many jobs available for them all to fill. If you are one of these recent graduates who is looking for a job, don’t let the rejection letters get you down. It is possible to get started in your career; you just need patience and perseverance to get you there.


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