Appetite for Change

June 24th, 2011  |  Source: SustainAbility

Reinventing the Global Food System

The global food system is under scrutiny for environmental impacts including habitat degradation, greenhouse gas emissions and freshwater use. Half the world’s farmers go hungry, while around a billion people are clinically obese. Demand for food is growing and yields are falling. Radical and rapid systemic change is required.

Appetite for Change was conceived to identify what change is needed, and the role the corporate sector must play in making it happen.

We interviewed a wide range of corporate leaders for this research, and many acknowledged that it is incumbent upon them to find ways to be part of a holistic solution. But they told us that the path forward is not clear. In response,Appetite for Change seeks to energize the debate by proposing a new agenda, to help food companies and non-corporate actors chart a collaborative course toward a sustainable food system.

Watch the summary video or download the full report now. Please join the debate by commenting here on what you believe needs to happen next at: utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Whats+Next++Jun+23+2011&utm_content=Whats+Next++Jun+23+2011+CID_a84fe373a19fa3419b8f34178edf118c&utm_source=Campaign+Monitor&utm_term=Appetite+for+Change

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