BOP Back On Centre Stage

April 4th, 2007

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Eye on The Markets

by Harvard Business School | 4.04.07

BOP Back on Centre Stage
Source: HBS Working Knowledge

As BOP development challenges come to occupy a more central position in the mindset of business worldwide, the Harvard Business School’s Global Poverty Project (GPP) is taking a refreshing look at the many obstacles surrounding BOP-related issues.
Drawing on anecdotal references and established research, the GPP is able to point to a number of successful strategies across a number of sectors; so popular is the GPP’s work that, following a GPP-organized conference in 2005 around BOP challenges, the Harvard Business School created an MBA elective, Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid, to fill the need for increased awareness of BOP issues in the business world. BOP interest, it seems, it certainly back in force.

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