Donald Trump’s problem with impulse control

October 3rd, 2016  |  Source:

The Republican candidate will win no new fans with his late-night Twitter rants

Here is how Republicans hoped it would go. Donald Trump would be sticking to his message, projecting a calm temperament and steering clear of his Twitter feed. This would enable him to press home his “Make America Great Again” theme: politics is broken, Washington needs a ruthless dealmaker, and the US can no longer afford political correctness.

Having discarded all that, Mr Trump is still within three to five percentage points of Hillary Clinton. It is her good fortune, however, that Mr Trump seems incapable of self-discipline. He could be on course by now to winning the White House. Instead, by continuing to tweet indiscriminately and speaking without an edit button he is indulging his worst instincts. At 70, you do not change a lifetime’s habits.

For down-ballot Republicans — those struggling to keep their Senate seats and retain control of the House of Representatives — Mr Trump’s self-harm has collateral benefits. Most big Republican donors are spurning Mr Trump’s campaign and redirecting their cash to local races. That includes the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, the right’s most spendthrift billionaires.

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