Flip for good

May 12th, 2009

Here is a great idea for capturing user-generated content from the front lines of philanthropy at home and abroad; two video cameras for the price of one:


Flip Video Spotlight has approved more than 1,200 charitable organizations as Participating Partners for this program. They include charitable groups working across a diverse set of causes including youth development, poverty alleviation, conservation, and more. These Partners range from small local organizations to national charities with multi-million dollar budgets. All share an interest in using video to achieve their goals.


Flip Video Spotlight provides steeply discounted access to selected Flip Video products to qualifying charitable organizations. To start, charitable organizations apply online to become a Participating Partner. If approved, Participating Partners join our online community and receive access to the Flip Video Spotlight storefront. For each Flip Video Ultra camcorder purchased through the storefront, Flip Video Spotlight donates a free unit.

Learn more by reading their Eligibility Guidelines and submit an application.

Flip Spotlight also works with for-profit companies who want to provide video equipment as part of their corporate philanthropy. 

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