GIIRS Will Make More Money Flow to Good by Kevin Jones

August 21st, 2009  |  Source: Huffington Post

A bridge is about to open up that will make things easier but safer for people who want make their investments consistent with their values. Just like a bridge makes traveling between two islands easier, the new rating system to be unveiled at Socap09 will be like taking a train instead of having to paddle through choppy waters.

The bridge, called GIIRS, is being built for people who are trying to make sure their investments have a positive social and environmental impact while they also try to earn a financial return. It’s a tool that makes it easier, safer and clearer for those investors who want to make a difference.

GIIRS (for Global Impact Investing Rating System) is not for everybody; the vast majority of investors are still only about making money, so this tool will likely have no interest for them, except as a curiosity. Not everybody understands the new kind of investing for impact, and some people have more trouble understanding it than others. Investors, who are still loyal to traditional Wall Street finance- first, financial return without active concern about environmental or social impact, seem to find this new way of thinking most troubling.


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