Going global the content exchange that is LinkedIn

June 6th, 2013  |  Source: Knowledge at INSEAD

Since going public in 2011, the professionals’ social network has gone from a networking site to a must-have tool for recruiters. Will adding content and big data enhance its professional value?

Hari Krishnan, managing director for Asia Pacific and Japan at LinkedIn, embodies the Silicon Valley start-up spirit. Wearing jeans and a shirt, telephone headset on, he paces restlessly back and forth in his rectangular Singapore office overlooking a cluster of buildings, while taking part in a conference call.

“He’s on fire today,” says his PR rep, watching him through the floor-to-ceiling glass, before joking that he should have a Japanese rock garden installed in his room to help him de-stress.
But Krishnan, an INSEAD MBA ‘05D, doesn’t seem stressed. He’s excited. He’s a fast talker and for good reason: like LinkedIn he’s moving quickly to capture an audience. The first LinkedIn employee in Asia, he started with the company in his native India in 2009 as a country manager, based in Mumbai.

In an interview with INSEAD Knowledge, the tall and youthful Krishnan starts by laying out the immense task that lies before him. “By some estimates, 40 percent of all professionals live in the Asia Pacific region and we’ve only just gotten started in terms of connecting them,” he says.

Things are moving rapidly. LinkedIn, which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary, has 225 million members around the world, 40 million in Asia. In Singapore, there are now over 1 million, which represents 7 out of 10 professionals and students in the city-state. India just connected its 20 millionth user, making it the second biggest market behind the United States. The company set up a Hong Kong office last year.

“We’ve now grown to have over 400 employees in this part of the world alone, 10 offices in Asia, and I think that growth and the maturation that the company has gone through in this period has been really exciting,” he says.

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