Life as a TARP wife

April 23rd, 2009

Life as a TARP wife


The wife of a big time financier whose firm has accepted billions in TARP funds has penned an article for Portfolio. “Confessions of a TARP wife” is all about her new “financial abstinence,” which no longer includes “multi-star Michelin hotspots.” The essay reads like a parody (as if cribbed from The Onion), but I think it was meant to be taken seriously.

“Choosing Versailles to host World War I peace negotiations could not have been more complicated than my attempt to select the perfect spot for our annual dinner.” Really? She’s now “shopping in her closet” because “God forbid someone catches me out in something new.” When she buys presents, she “has the package sent to their home. I don’t want to be spotted climbing into a taxi, laden with Bergdorf Goodman shopping bags.” So who is the mystery scribe? The New York Post has fingered her as Liz Peek, the 60-ish wife of Jeffrey Peek, whose CIT Group took $2.33 billion from the Troubled Assets Relief Program last fall. She declined to comment to the paper.  Source: FierceFinance’s Jim Kim.

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