A 'Made Man' at the Goldman Sachs

November 19th, 2010  |  Source: FierceFinance.com

CNBC hilariously likens making partner at Goldman Sachs to being "made" in the Mob.

Hey, you've reached the pinnacle and now people have to respect you. "So when the boss of bosses--the capo di tutti capi--comes down to congratulate you, it's Kind of a Big Deal," notes CNBC. Apparently, Lloyd Blankfein wandered down to the trading room to congratulate the new made men and women.


It's a funny analogy--the Mob and Goldman Sachs. One that others have drawn. So, in honor of the 110 new made executives at the gilded bank, we trot out one of the most memorable clips about Goldman we've ever seen. Comedian Matt Rittberg offered a frankly hilarious "Goldfellas" video based on Goldman's compensation and bailout controversy.

In this version, Blankfein is the top dog of a criminal enterprise known as Goldman Sachs. The meat of the spoof features the Blankfein character going all Robert DeNiro on some managing directors who've been flashing their money around in the wake of Goldman's big heist.

Unfortunately, being made at Goldman Sachs is not a life-long guarantee. You can easily be unmade. And many are. The average Goldman partner lasts eight years as a Goodfella. A great time no doubt.

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