Sturm Ruger a company that can't keep up with demand for its product.

April 3rd, 2012  |  Source: Oakshire Financial

However what is more surprising, perhaps, than a gunmaker experiencing such heated demand for weaponry (are we preparing for a wild west breakdown of civil law?) is the fact that a $950 million company that's been in business for over 60 years, that knows its product and its customer base as well as any company can, and that reports no breakdown whatever in its production capability, could be caught off guard in such dramatic fashion and see orders go unfilled.


After receiving over a million orders in the first quarter, Ruger CEO Mike Fifer said:

Despite the Company's continuing successful efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders. Consequently, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.

Now, if this were wartime and we had a sugar shortage and candy bars were scant on the shelves of our local 7-11, okay, we'd understand. But the war hasn't started yet, so far as we can tell. And last we heard, plastic and gun-metal were still widely available.

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