These are the 5 Personality Traits Every Employer Looks For

January 23rd, 2014  |  Source: Randstad

The interview process is about more than what's on your CV. Regardless of one's education and experience, there are specific personality traits relevant to performing particular jobs well. What an employer is mainly interested in isn't only whether you can do the job, but that you will do the job, and that you'll fit in. Randstad have identified the following 5 traits which every employer looks for.

1. Punctuality

Be present and punctual. Arrive about five minutes early for appointments. Budget time to walk from your location to the conference or work area. Do whatever it takes to begin on time. Emergencies happen, so telephone if you must be tardy and state when you will arrive. You could be among the best at what you do, but habitual tardiness and absenteeism are quite irritating to employers and colleagues running a business. They need you to be there on time to do your part.

2. Appearance

Present a positive appearance and attitude in person and off site. You are expected and paid to behave in a certain way that reflects favourably on your employer. This means also carrying a consistent persona in your social media profiles and updates. Many of today's employers periodically monitor online updates and blog commentaries so, for example, don't be spotted socializing on Facebook if you've called in sick or posting disparaging comments. Always display appropriate, well-groomed attire and conduct to demonstrate a serious commitment to your career and employer.

3. Initiative

Research the company to understand beyond only the product or service they provide. Know its mission statement, goals, and philanthropic endeavours. Ask questions and contribute to discussions about company growth and infrastructure. Inquire about additional training and development provided. Be willing to invest in your professional development at your own expense if you must, so you will be ready to move on if a better opportunity presents. Mind Tools offers free, online personality tests and modest membership fees for in-depth personal and professional guidance.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility

Your job description is a guideline of expectations for your position. Sometimes you may be asked to perform tasks outside the scope of it. View this as an opportunity to show you can be relied on to fill gaps and help when needed. Whether follower or leader, be the best team member you are needed to be.

5. Honesty

Honesty is a universal personality trait employers seek. Managers must be confident in your personal and professional integrity and ethics to do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do, even if you're the only one who will know the difference. Many employers administer a personality assessment as part of the interview process to determine your suitability for the position. Answer honestly. Consider that while you may be passed for a second interview if it seems you aren't a good fit, it is also quite possible you may be offered a different position for which you are ideally suited.

Not surprisingly perhaps, there are educated, experienced, highly qualified people who simply aren't willing to do their job well. Slack in any area is not an option for the successful employee. It isn't enough to do your best only during the interview, but to be your best in all areas. Who doesn't want not only a rewarding career, but a successful life?


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