November 19th, 2013  |  Source: Skoll World Forum

·       Problem: World Toilet Day promotes the belief that we can solve the sanitation crisis by simply building more toilets across the developing world. But despite building more toilets, sanitation is the most off-track Millennium Development Goal.

·       Barrier to Progress: Organizations must rethink sanitation and the solutions to this global crisis.

·       Solution: Creative solutions that promote sanitation as a business have the potential to drive lasting impact. It can help to create a marketplace with profit while also leading to change in one of the most challenging global crises.

Charles Muhunuza is a sanitation entrepreneur.  And while today is World Toilet Day, he likely won’t spend much time reflecting – he spends every day thinking about toilets and other sanitation solutions in urban Uganda.  Today, like most days, he will spend time looking down a toilet and supporting his staff as they extract waste from latrines with a gulper.

When the job is done, three enormous barrels of human waste will be loaded onto a truck and properly disposed of. Charles will be paid by happy families who marvel at their cleaned toilet.

Full post by NED BRESLIN  CEO, Water For People here:


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