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Cuba’s Tech Start-up Sector: ‘People Are Hungry to Work’

February 25th, 2015  |  Source: Knowledge@Wharton

Growing up in Cuba, Jose Pimienta didn’t see the Internet until 2006. He and his friends taught themselves computer programming with a Russian textbook on the Pascal programming language that had been translated into Spanish. Even in university, when he finally had access to the Internet, Pimienta, now 27, was limited to 20 megabytes per month of data — a small fraction of what fits on a thumb drive today.

Poison Pill

February 24th, 2015  |  Source: PS Magazine

How the American opiate epidemic was started by one pharmaceutical company.

The state of Kentucky may finally get its deliverance. After more than seven years of battling the evasive legal tactics of Purdue Pharma, 2015 may be the year that Kentucky and its attorney general, Jack Conway, are able to move forward with a civil lawsuit alleging that the drugmaker misled doctors and patients about their blockbuster pain pill OxyContin, leading to a vicious addiction epidemic across large swaths of the state.

New beehive design doesn't disturb bees when you harvest honey

February 23rd, 2015  |  Source: boingboing.com

The worst part of being a beekeeper us pulling out the honey-laden frames from the box and tearing them up to get the honey. The bees hate it and so do I. That's why this new hive design, called Flow, is so cool.

Wal-Mart May Be Cheap, But It Would Rather Give Up Money Than Power

February 19th, 2015  |  Source: Bloomberg

The plan for a $9 pay floor follows years of union-backed pressure. It's not the first time the retailer has spent big when it was feeling the heat.

What Apple Just Did in Solar Is a Really Big Deal

February 12th, 2015  |  Source: Bloomberg

Breaks records, slays trolls:  

Maximizing Shareholder Value is 'The World's Dumbest Idea' say CEO's

February 10th, 2015  |  Source: Forbes

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has said that “customers are number one; employees are number two and shareholders are number three.”

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever [UN], has denounced “the cult of shareholder value.”

Giving housing to the homeless is three times cheaper than leaving them on the streets

February 9th, 2015  |  Source: VOX.com

The final week of January saw an annual ritual in government statistical gathering that few people know about — the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Point-in-Time survey of the homeless population, in which HUD recruits volunteers around the country to go out and try to count up all the homeless people living in America. This year, White House Chief of Staff Dennis

McDonough even joined up, volunteering as part of the San Francisco PIT crew.

A Greek Morality Tale

February 4th, 2015  |  Source: Project Syndicate

When the euro crisis began a half-decade ago, Keynesian economists predicted that the austerity that was being imposed on Greece and the other crisis countries would fail. It would stifle growth and increase unemployment – and even fail to decrease the debt-to-GDP ratio.


“American Sniper” celebrates regret-free heroism.

February 2nd, 2015  |  Source: The Economist

Small wonder critics hate it—and half of America loves it 

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