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Opec won't back down, UAE minister says as oil plunges

January 13th, 2015  |  Source: Business Times Singapore

Opec will not cut its oil output to support prices but expects higher-cost producers to do so, the United Arab Emirates energy minister insisted on Tuesday as oil plunged near six-year lows.

While Suhail bin Mohammed al-Mazroui was speaking, Brent crude dropped 4 per cent to below US$46 a barrel following a 5 per cent plunge on Monday, continuing a rout that has more than halved its value in the past six months.


Electric-Car Pioneer Elon Musk Charges Head-On at Detroit

January 12th, 2015  |  Source: WSJ.com

Tesla Motors’ CEO Curses, Sweats the Tiniest Details and Wants More Competition

When Elon Musk , who loudly disdains the traditional auto industry, makes his first public appearance in Detroit in two years on Tuesday, it will be easy to see how much has changed since then.

Investing in extreme times

January 7th, 2015  |  Source: Macleans

It’s not just the weather that’s about to get more volatile for companies

Target Chief's $47 Million Retirement and the 401(k) Gap

January 5th, 2015  |  Source: Bloomberg

The gap in the U.S. workplace between the highest and lowest paid has been growing for years. Far less noticed has been the growing gulf in retirement pay.

While the very top often continue to receive executive pensions as well as other benefits, most workers are left only with their 401(k) plans.

Wednesday January 7th: National Take The Stairs Day!

January 5th, 2015  |  Source: www.stairsport.com

Employees, students , shoppers , residents of multi story apartment buildings and others all across America will be skipping the elevator and escalator on Wednesday January 7th and taking the stairs in recognition of “National Take The Stairs Day.”


Delaware-size gas plume over West illustrates the cost of leaking methane

December 30th, 2014  |  Source: Washington Post

The methane that leaks from 40,000 gas wells near this desert trading post may be colorless and odorless, but it’s not invisible. It can be seen from space.

Let’s all screw the 1 percent: The simple move Obama could make to strengthen the rest of us

December 27th, 2014  |  Source: Salon.com

You're working more hours and not getting paid for them. We can fix that -- and put more people to work. Here's how

Nicaragua’s canal: Chinese construction is due to start—but of what?

December 22nd, 2014  |  Source: The Economist

ON DECEMBER 22nd an odd couple—Nicaragua’s left-wing government and a Chinese-born telecoms magnate—say they will begin the realisation of a dream that has captivated Nicaraguans for generations: the construction of an inter-oceanic canal to rival Panama’s. According to Manuel Coronel, an octogenarian who runs the canal authority, their intentions are now beyond dispute. “When the bride and groom set a date, you know it’s serious,” he says.

Ebay joins Google and others in dumping Alec over climate stance

December 21st, 2014  |  Source: The Guardian

The online retailer is the latest tech giant to leave the right wing lobbying group over its position on climate change

Ebay announced on Thursday it’s severing ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) because of the lobbying group’s views on climate change. The online marketplace is the latest technology firm to part ways with the rightwing organization over environmental concerns.

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