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Financing the Road to Rio

July 23rd, 2011  |  Source: Globe-Net.com


Important discussions lie ahead on the road to Rio + 20 for the global investment community - UNEP FI Global Roundtable 2011, and GLOBE 2012.   

Banking and investment organizations worldwide are monitoring developments in the international financial markets preparatory to the Rio + 20 Earth Summit taking place in Rio de Janeiro, in June 2012.

Google Bets on Africa as the Next Big Internet Hotspot

July 22nd, 2011  |  Source: The Next Web


To global search giant, Google, Africa is the next Internet hotspot. Globally, there are 94 domains registered per 10 000 users. However, in Africa, there is only one domain per 10 000 users. As such, there is tremendous potential for growth on the continent in the web space.

Rupert Murdoch and the Seeds of Moral Hazard

July 20th, 2011  |  Source: HBS Working Knowledge

The News Corporation/News of the World scandal has been described as a case study in bad management.

What was there about the company's organizational culture that led to "Murdoch's Mess"?

Many companies today operate like Russian nesting dolls, where one large figure is actually made up of many smaller ones. These organizations present a unified face to the outside world, but rely heavily on other, usually smaller, companies or external individuals to conduct many of their activities.

Goldman Sachs' Roach Motel for metals in Detroit

July 18th, 2011  |  Source: Fierce Finance


The London Metal Exchange (LME) has ordered Goldman Sachs, which owns a massively controversial 19-building metals warehouse in Detroit, to boost the rate at which it delivers metals for physical transfer.

The Golden Cocoon of FIFA’s Ruling Body

July 17th, 2011  |  Source: NYT.com


The titans of international soccer are used to pampering. Motorcades. Police escorts. Five-star hotels. Lavish dinners. Cash allowances of $500 a day, and an additional $250 for their wives or girlfriends.

Chevron Bets on $30 Billion Volcanoes Beneath Rainforest

July 15th, 2011

Chevron Corp. drilled 84 wells to a depth of two miles beneath the Indonesian rainforest to tap steam, not oil and gas that are trapped in the world’s richest store of volcanic energy.

Rare earth prices soar as China stocks up

July 14th, 2011  |  Source: FT.com

A recent crackdown by Beijing on rare earth mines and restrictions on exports have caused chaos in some of these markets.

Japan and the US, the world’s biggest importers of rare earths, have repeatedly voiced concerns to China, while complaints from industrial users of rare earths have been growing.

Last year, China cut their exports by 40 per cent and temporarily banned exports to Japan during a political dispute.

Lobbying groups spend big when lawmakers are honored

July 12th, 2011  |  Source: Sunlight Foundation


Honorary fees top $50 million over past two years

The Future of Africa | A Multi Book Project

July 11th, 2011  |  Source: Africa Unchained

Co-Founded by Diaby Mohamed of Kamos Limited, the The Future of Africa Project states the following:

Desperate efforts by governments to widen the socio-economic factors in Africa are likely to become a fiasco if adequate attention is not given to creative successful entrepreneurs.

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