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Higher Education’s Accreditation Problem

June 17th, 2016  |  Source: PS Magazine

The Department of Education just recommended that the country’s largest nationally recognized accreditation agency lose its status.

On Wednesday, the United States Department of Education (DOE) officially recommended that the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the largest nationally recognized accreditation agency in the country, lose its status as a DOE-recognized institution.

Who’s Afraid of Frankenfish?

June 16th, 2016  |  Source: PS Magazine

The Food and Drug Administration has approved genetically modified salmonbut the public is still hopelessly confused about the purported risks of GMOs.

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

June 13th, 2016  |  Source: CNBC.com

Microsoft announced a $26.2 billion deal on Monday to acquire professional social platform LinkedIn for $196 per share. 

Shares of LinkedIn surged 47 percent after the announcement to near $193, while Microsoft's stock was down 3.2 percent. Trading in Microsoft had been halted briefly for news pending before the announcement of the all-cash deal.

Norman Foster’s High-Concept Drone Airport Will Bring Aid to Rwanda

June 10th, 2016  |  Source: hyperallergic.com

By 2030, every rural town in Africa could be equipped with an undulating red brick droneport, designed by starchitect Norman Foster, to serve as a hub for deliveries of crucial medical supplies. Dubbed the “world’s smallest airport,” a full-scale prototype of the first droneport has been unveiled at the 15th International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

War Games: Tracing the History of Cyber Security

June 10th, 2016  |  Source: Knowledge@Wharton

The concept of “cyber war” goes back to the beginning of the internet, almost 50 years ago. A new book by Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Fred Kaplan traces the history of this topic in his new book Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War.

Kaplan recently appeared on the Knowledge@Wharton show on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM channel 111 to talk about his new book.

An edited transcript of the conversation follows.

The New Economics of Cybercrime

June 8th, 2016  |  Source: The Atlantic

Digital thieves’ most crucial adaptation in recent years has little to do with their technical tools and everything to do with their business model.

It’s a good time to be a cybercriminal. There are more victims to target, there is more data to steal, and there is more money to be made from doing so than ever before.

Tribune Publishing’s board gets an A-plus in testing the patience of shareholders

June 8th, 2016  |  Source: Reuters

More than 40 percent of investors withheld votes for the eight directors put forward by the Los Angeles Times publisher. That’s virtually unheard of, especially when proxy advisers like ISS favor the candidates.

As with other unlikely situations, such as Walt Disney’s investor revolt in 2004, the squeals of jilted minorities can kick directors into action. This should be embarrassing enough for Tribune’s board to force tin-eared Chairman Michael Ferro to listen to Gannett’s overtures.

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