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How to write and edit Amazon reviews, and find or delete your reviews

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:58pm
If you want to share your opinion about an item you purchased on Amazon, you can write a review.
  • You can write Amazon reviews on the product page of the item you purchased.
  • Once published, you have the option to view, edit, or hide the review from your profile.
  • All these actions can be accomplished on either the Amazon desktop website or mobile app.
  • Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

If you buy items through Amazon, writing reviews can not only help other people make informed purchases, but it can also help you keep track of the things that do and don't work for you.

Once you publish an Amazon review, you can go back in and make changes if, for example, you find that the long-term experience of owning an item is different than the first impression. You can also hide reviews from view if you decide you don't want other people to see it for any reason.

Here's what you need to know about writing and editing reviews on the Amazon website and mobile app.

How to write a review on Amazon

You can write reviews on either the desktop website or Amazon Shopping mobile app.

On desktop:

1. Sign in to your Amazon account and navigate to the product you want to rate and review.

2. Scroll down to the Customer reviews section, and under the Review this product headline, click the Write a customer review button.

Click the "Write a customer review" button.

3. You will then be taken to a page where you leave an overall rating, rate the product features, add a photo, and leave a written review with a headline.

Create your review.

4. Hit Submit at the bottom of the page once you're satisfied with your review.

Note: It may take several days for your review to be posted.

On mobile:

1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and log in, if needed.

2. Go to the product you wish to review and scroll down and tap Customer Reviews.

Tap "Customer reviews."

3. Tap Write a Review.

Tap "Write a Review."

4. Add your product review.

5. Tap Submit.

Submit your review. How to view, edit, and delete your reviews on Amazon

If your initial review needs to be changed, you can go back in and edit or delete it - or hide it from your public profile. Here's how:

On desktop:

1. Log into your Amazon account.

2. Click Accounts & Lists at the top of the screen.

3. On the next page, click Your Amazon profile under the Ordering and shopping preferences section.

Select "Your Amazon profile."

4. Scroll down and you'll see your reviews listed. To edit or delete one, click the three-dot icon at the top-right corner of the review in question.

Your reviews are listed on your profile page.

5. Select Edit review, Delete review, or Hide on my public profile.

On mobile:

1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom toolbar.

Go into your profile.

3. Select Your Account.

Tap "Your Account."

4. Scroll down and under the Personalized content section, tap Profile.

Tap "Profile."

5. Scroll toward the bottom of the screen and you will see your reviews; tap the three-dot icon beside a review for the option to edit, delete, or hide it from your profile.

6. Tap to select the desired option.

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These 8 firms just made a killing on the SPAC set to merge with Donald Trump's media company

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:55pm
  • A more than 400% surge in shares of Digital World Acquisition made millions for its investors on Thursday.
  • The SPAC soared after it announced a proposed merger with Donald Trump's media company.
  • These are the eight firms that made a killing from Thursday's surge in Digital World Acquisition.

Investors in the Digital World Acquisition SPAC were rewarded with big gains on Thursday after the blank-check firm announced its proposed merger with Trump Media and Technology Group.

The stock soared as much as 412% as investors piled in on hype sparked by the announced merger with Donald Trump's social media company, Truth Social, which is being positioned to compete with Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms that banned the former president following the January 6 insurrection.

Shares of the SPAC, which was incorporated in December 2020 and began trading last month, hit a high of $52 on Thursday after closing at $9.96 on Wednesday. Warrants tied to Digital World soared even more, up as much as 2,686% as the public options became in the money when the stock soared above its $11.50 strike price.

These are the eight firms that owned shares of Digital World Acquisition prior to Thursday's surge and made millions off the move, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

8. Highbridge Capital Management

Shares Owned: 2.0 million
Value at Thursday's Peak: $104.4 million
Peak Paper Profits: $84.3 million

7. DE Shaw & Co

Shares Owned: 2.4 million
Value at Thursday's Peak: $126.1 million
Peak Paper Profits: $101.8 million

6. ATW Spac Management

Shares Owned: 2.4 million
Value at Thursday's Peak:
$126.1 million
Peak Paper Profits:
$101.8 million

5. Boothbay Fund Management

Shares Owned: 2.4 million
Value at Thursday's Peak:
$126.1 million
Peak Paper Profits:
$101.8 million

4. Saba Capital Management

Shares Owned: 2.4 million
Value at Thursday's Peak:
$126.1 million
Peak Paper Profits:
$101.8 million

3. K2 Principal Fund

Shares Owned: 2.4 million
Value at Thursday's Peak:
$126.1 million
Peak Paper Profits:
$101.8 million

2. Radcliffe Capital Management

Shares Owned: 2.4 million
Value at Thursday's Peak:
$126.1 million
Peak Paper Profits:
$101.8 million

1. Lighthouse Investment Partners

Shares Owned: 3.2 million
Value at Thursday's Peak:
$168.4 million
Peak Paper Profits:
$136.0 million

*Peak paper profits derived from $10 per share offer price for Digital World Acquisition Corp.

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Cameo lets you hire celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Caitlyn Jenner to create personalized videos that make memorable gifts

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:52pm

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Brian Baumgartner, known for his role as Kevin in "The Office," was one of the most requested celebrities available for hire on Cameo.
  • Cameo is an online service that lets people hire celebrities to create personalized videos.
  • Thousands of actors, artists, and influencers have set their own rates for a Cameo video appearance.
  • Cameo prices range from as low as $1 to as high as $15,000, depending on the celebrity.
Table of Contents: Masthead StickyPersonalized Message (small)

On Cameo, anyone can hire actors, athletes, artists, and all kinds of celebrities to create personalized video messages. These easily shareable videos can be given as a gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

For example, you can hire Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to give a personal pep talk to a friend, or hire an actor, like Lindsay Lohan, to create a memorable birthday message.

Viral Cameo videos have shown just how versatile the service can be; Carole Baskin, the big-cat rights activist who rose to fame with the Netflix docuseries "Tiger King," has been seen singing 50 Cent's "In Da Club" as a Cameo request. Her current rate for a personalized video is $249.

Baskin was among Cameo's most requested stars last year, alongside Snoop Dogg, Brett Favre, and "The Office" actor Brian Baumgartner. Baumgartner earned more than $1 million from Cameo in 2020, according to Cameo CEO Steven Galanis.

Thousands of celebrities and social media influencers are available for Cameo videos - they set their own price and still have final say over whether or not they complete user requests. Prices start as low as $1 to $5 for less recognizable online talent, while stars with more name recognition, like Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and venture capitalist Kevin O'Leary, charge anywhere from $900 to $15,000 for a Cameo video.

For talent big and small, Cameo gives people a way to make money directly from their celebrity, and the service puts fans directly in touch with the artists they appreciate.

How does Cameo work? A view of the Cameo Marketplace.

To request a Cameo, you'll need to make an account and visit the Cameo Marketplace through the Cameo website or app, where you can sort the thousands of available celebrities based on category. Once you've chosen your celebrity, you'll fill out a request form where you describe what you want your Cameo talent to do, in a maximum of 250 characters. Cameo accepts direct payment via credit card - US residents using iOS can also purchase "Cameo credits" to store in your account and exchange for videos later.

Once the request is completed, the Cameo talent has seven days to accept or deny the project. If accepted, the celebrity will record the video and Cameo will send a link to the video to the phone numbers and email addresses listed with the request. Users can download the video to keep forever and share however they like.

If the hired talent doesn't fulfill the request within a week, all charges will be restored to the buyer's wallet.

Some Cameo celebrities also offer live Zoom calls, though you can expect them to be more expensive than a standard Cameo video with the same talent. The Cameo app gives you the ability to chat with talent via direct messages as well. Chatting is a cheaper option if you just want to ask a celebrity a question or send a quick shout-out.

Business Cameos

Cameo offers a separate service for businesses looking to promote a product, or have a celebrity appear for a virtual event. Business Cameos have an average price of $1,000 but come with a different license for promotional and commercial use.

It's important to note that Business Cameos are only licensed for use for 30 days after they are created. Cameo says businesses must contact the company directly to extend the license beyond thirty days. Cameo Live sessions are also available for businesses and virtual events, with a starting price of $10,000.

Companies looking to book services on Cameo can browse the marketplace on their own, or they can choose to partner with Cameo for access to their VIP service. This VIP service includes a dedicated customer success representative, prioritization for your request, and a waiving of the 5% service fee. For more information about the VIP service, companies must book a call with Cameo.

Any products being sent to a celebrity for promotional purposes must be cleared through the Cameo request process in advance, and the talent is allowed to provide their honest opinion of any product they're asked to endorse.

Cameo also says that promotional videos cannot be edited, to avoid celebrity videos being used out of context. VIP service members can speak with their customer representative for a potential do-over if the celebrity says the wrong name or doesn't meet expectations. Companies who choose to book through self-service have fewer options for rectification and can reach out via email to the customer service team. Unfortunately, there are no refunds or reshoots for Promotional Cameo videos if you're unsatisfied with the final result, so be careful before you commit.

Is Cameo worth it?

In my experience, Cameo is a worthwhile service to use for gifts. When I purchased a Cameo to give to my father as a retirement gift, I found the site to be easy to navigate, and the personalized video arrived in just a few days. The Cameo was from former Steelers running back Merril Hoge, and my dad wholeheartedly appreciated the gift.

I would recommend using Cameo to give a gift to a friend or family member, especially if you can find a celebrity on the service who they admire and is available for a reasonable price.

For more information about whether or not the service is worth it, check out Insider's full review of Cameo.

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Retailers are making the supply-chain crises even worse by over-ordering, causing a 'bullwhip effect' that distorts demand

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:51pm
A container ship passes beneath a suspension bridge as it departs for Europe.
  • Retailers are panic-buying as the supply-chain crisis stokes fears of holiday shortages.
  • But this natural instinct to over-order is shooting retailers in the foot, experts told Insider.
  • It's causing a "bullwhip effect" to ripple through the supply chain, making the crisis even worse.

Retailers are panic-buying for the holidays as the supply-chain crisis stokes fears of empty shelves during their most profitable season of the year.

While over-ordering may be the natural human instinct, it actually ends up shooting retailers in the foot, experts told Insider.

"If people think the banks are going to collapse, they go to the ATM and take out all the money, causing them to collapse," Dr. Tinglong Dai, a professor of operations management and business analytics at Johns Hopkins University, told Insider.

"The same goes for supply chains," he said. "When people expect there's going to be shortages for this holiday season, they increase their orders ... which led to a dramatic increase in shipping to the US. That's why we see so many containers in our ports."

He said this "self-fulfilling" process is intensified by the bullwhip effect, a phenomenon that causes supply-chain inefficiencies such as lengthy wait times and excess inventory due to distorted demand.

"It's the industrial equivalent of stores running out of toilet paper," Ted Stank, faculty director of the Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, told Insider.

When retailers panic and order more, and earlier, than they usually would, it signals to manufacturers that consumer demand is increasing, even if it's not. Manufacturers react by increasing their orders from suppliers, inflating demand even more as it moves up the supply chain.

"Eventually, a very small change in consumer behavior can translate into great disturbances to the supply chain," Dai said.

Unlike the banking industry, which has regulations in place to prevent "bank panic" scenarios, the supply chain lacks any kind of central authority to limit how many units are ordered by retailers in a given timeframe.

One solution to the bullwhip effect is communication between companies, both experts told Insider. However, retailers are hesitant to share important business data like demand metrics, making collaboration a rarity in the industry.

"We really need the bigger players such as the Walmart and Costco and Target to become role models for others and avoid a bigger crisis from happening," Dai said. "The worst is yet to come."

While Dai and Stank both agreed that shortages in the US will continue to get worse, they said it will be less of an emergency and more of an inconvenience for shoppers.

"We've become very spoiled consumers," Stank said. "I think we're going to have to kind of go back in time a few decades ... we might not get things as quickly as we become accustomed to, but we'll be able to get them."

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Vienna's art museums will post nude images on OnlyFans after 'censorship' on TikTok and Facebook

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:48pm
Venus of Willendorf sculpture, which is on display at Vienna's Albertina Museum.
  • Art museums in Vienna will post artwork containing nudity and semi-nudity to OnlyFans.
  • The Vienna Tourist Board said the move comes after facing "censorship" from other tech platforms.
  • OnlyFans recently moved to ban explicit content, but reversed the decision after fallout from sex workers.

Art museums in Vienna are posting art containing nudity on OnlyFans after sites like TikTok and Facebook censored the images.

The city's Albertina Museum, Natural History Museum, Historical Art Museum, and Leopold Museum announced this month they would post images of "provocative, historical" art censored by other social networks.

The art includes a nude figure from the Stone Age discovered in Austria and pieces by the renowned Austrian painter Egon Schiele.

OnlyFans, founded in 2016, charges subscribers a fee to access creator content. The platform gained a reputation for hosting nude and semi-nude content after many sex workers switched to OnlyFans after the pandemic closed strip clubs and video shoots.

"With Vienna's launch of this innovative new initiative and OnlyFans shaking up the world of social media, this art may finally have found its freedom," a Vienna Tourist Board representative said in a statement.

TikTok recently suspended and later blocked the Albertina Museum's account for showing semi-nude photographs on display, The Guardian reported. Instagram and Facebook have censored images from the art museums as well, the Vienna Tourist Board Said.

A spokesperson for the Albertina Museum told Insider that Instagram's rules around censorship are "untransparant."

OnlyFans recently faced criticism from sex workers and adult entertainers after deciding to ban explicit content from the site. The company later reversed the decision.

Sex workers of color told Insider they have had their content removed from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok, while their thin, white peers had faced fewer consequences for similar images.

Though minimal data shows less censorship of white sex workers compared to people of color, social media experts said the phenomenon is part of a broader trend of tech platforms having unclear standards around censoring adult content.

"When you're a sex worker or a part of another kind of marginalized group, you can bet that others are more likely to report you as not fitting the mold of community standards," Dr. Raven Maragh-Lloyd, assistant professor of African and African American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, told Insider.

OnlyFans, TikTok, and Facebook were not immediately available for comment.

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Idaho's schools superintendent will start substitute teaching amid a staff shortage - and she's asking parents to do the same.

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:42pm
  • Idaho's public instruction superintendent is asking parents to work at schools amid staff shortages.
  • Sherri Ybarra says some schools closed in a matter of weeks this academic year over short-staffing.
  • She will even substitute teach to help plug the shortage, saying, "Help us keep our schools open."

Schools across the country are struggling with staff shortages, affecting everyone from substitute teachers to cafeteria workers to school bus drivers.

In Idaho, the situation is so dire that parents are being asked to take on some of these jobs at their kids' schools to keep them from closing over worker shortages.

Sherri Ybarra, Idaho's superintendent of public instruction, wrote a letter to parents across the state last week addressing the crisis.

"Education, like many other professions today, is experiencing a severe shortage of workers. This is not just for teachers, but also bus drivers, food service workers, and many other support positions," she wrote. "Please help us keep our schools open and our students learning with in-person instruction, in their schools, with their teachers and peers."

Ybarra noted that, due to labor shortages, some Idaho schools have already had to close in the few short weeks since school resumed this fall.

"Many of our districts and classrooms are open, but these shortages are creating some stressful and fragile situations," she wrote. "I am asking parents/guardians and community members around the state to help to fill the substitute teacher and staff shortages necessary to keep our schools open."

The superintendent added that she herself will even be stepping in as a substitute teacher to help plug the shortage, saying she is "so excited to return to my natural habitat."

"This is about the well-being of Idaho's K12 students, who are the future of this state," Ybarra continued. "Please call your local school or district office today. You are needed!"

She asked that parents who aren't able to fill the roles spread the word to others. Those interested in becoming substitute teachers will need to pass background checks, she added.

Last month, Idaho Gov. Brad Little announced a $10 million commitment to help schools recruit and retain substitute teachers and other support staff amid the shortage.

Across the country, schools are offering incentives like hiring bonuses and childcare to attract staff after many teachers quit over low wages, burnout from remote teaching, COVID-19 concerns for in-person teaching, or a number of other reasons.

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The pitch deck for Trump's new media venture teases a 'conservative media universe' meant to rival the mainstream

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:42pm
Trump launched his new Twitter copycat TRUTH after being booted from mainstream social platforms for violating their policies.
  • Trump is rolling out a Twitter-like social app called TRUTH.
  • The app is part of a larger company that aims to create a media ecosystem free of "liberal bias."
  • The firm, TMTG, wants to become a "media powerhouse" to take on the streaming and news companies.

Former President Donald Trump is forging yet another attack on what he and other conservatives say is mainstream media's crusade to censor them.

He's launching a Twitter-like social platform called TRUTH to the public next year that will "stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech."

According to an investor pitch deck, it will be open to everyone regardless of political affiliation. It does however have a rule forbidding users from using the platform to mock TRUTH, according to its terms of service.

TRUTH is the first social media platform that Trump himself has created, but other Twitter alternatives have sprouted up in recent years as conservatives condemn internet platforms over alleged silencing, like Gab, Parler, and MeWe. The services laud themselves for operating with loose content moderation rules.

TRUTH is a part of a new company called Trump Media Technology Group (TMTG,) which published the deck on its website, and will be going public via a special purpose acquisition company.

The organization appears to want to take on big players like Disney+ in the streaming world and CNN in the news industry and galvanize "a conservative media universe" with "non-woke content."

The deck specifically mentions Twitter, Facebook, and other tech companies' bans of Trump following the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol and calls the suspensions "unacceptable."

Here's the pitch deck Trump is using to promote his new TRUTH platform and media conglomerate: Read the original article on Business Insider

The 22 best board games to bring to game night, from beloved classics to new favorites

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:40pm

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The classic Clue is one of the best board games.
  • Playing board games is a fun activity that brings family and friends together.
  • The best board games range from silly party tricks to brain crunchers that require strategy.
  • These 22 popular board games guarantee a great bonding experience with new friends and old.

Board games have evolved over the years, but the best usually all share the same attributes - bringing out your competitiveness and strategic side while creating memorable bonding experiences.

By no means is this list definitive, but through our research, crowdsourcing with colleagues, and personal experience, we've narrowed down the 22 best board games, from turn-based strategies to laugh-out-loud party games.

We took some liberty with the term "board game" since some of these are card games or don't involve physical boards. Some can even be played virtually over the computer or by phone, so even those who can't join at the dining room table can still partake.

Here are the 22 best board games to try with friends and family: Ages 3-6+Ages 7-10+Ages 12-14+Ages 16-18+

Updated on 10/21/2021. This guide was originally published 10/24/2017. We chose new options based on experience playing them in addition to researching what's popular and crowdsourcing Insider Reviews team. This list is not definitive, so expect new options to be added.

Ages 3-6+ Peppa Pig Chutes and Ladders

Available at Amazon, $10.99

Players: 2-4

Ages: 3+

"Chutes and Ladders is always a fun game of chance and hoping to avoid the chutes. This Peppa Pig addition is not only adorable for kids, but adults can enjoy the board game as well." — Anna Popp, Home and Kitchen Fellow 

Mastermind for Kids

Available at Macy's, $12.99

Players: 2 

Ages: 6+

"My brother and I used to play this game on long family road trips. Taking turns, one player would set up a code while the other tries to solve it, and vice versa. This kids' version teaches problem-solving skills, which they can then apply to the adult version of the game or their studies." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow


Available at Amazon, $9.84

Players: 2-4

Ages: 6+

"I never knew how competitive Sorry! could be until I played with several of my friends. An oldie but a goodie, Sorry! is a game everyone should have in their home." — Anna Popp, Home and Kitchen Fellow 

Ages 7-10+ Exploding Kittens Party

Available on Amazon, $24.99

Players: 2-10

Ages: 7+

"The most important rule of the game Exploding Kittens is that you want to be prepared for getting an Exploding Kitten card which can terminate your part in the game if you are prepared. This game can get pretty competitive, especially when you can sabotage other players with Exploding Kitten cards." — Anna Popp, Home and Kitchen Fellow


Available at Amazon, $17.97

Players: 2-12 

Ages: 7+

"This game is all about the luck of the draw. The point is to be the first to make a sequence — having five of the same color marker chip in a line, whether it be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal — and the number of sequences will depend on how many teams are playing.

This game requires strategy, speed, and teamwork to win. It's a great game to play either with a friend or a large group of people." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow



Available at Amazon, $20.99

Players: 2- 8 

Ages: 8+

"One reason for Monopoly's staying power is because it has the elements of what makes a great board game: It involves strategy, negotiation, secrecy, manipulation. 

My family loves to play the game a lot. In fact, our version at home is from my mom's college days. It's missing one card, which my mom had replaced with a piece of cardboard and wrote the information on by hand. It's one part game, one part heirloom.

This game has also evolved into numerous modern remakes, like the Disney edition, Cheaters edition, and Voice Banking Edition (currently sold out), which put a spin on the classic gameplay. My family also owns these, but it's mom's original that we still go to." — Ariel Tilayoff, Former Story Production Fellow


Available at Amazon, $9.84

Players: 3-6 

Ages: 8+

"Another classic alongside Monopoly, Clue uses your investigative and memory skills, as well as abilities to read other players' expressions to figure out that Mrs. Peacock did it with the wrench. Or, was it Colonel Mustard and the candlestick? Like Monopoly, this game also has different editions, such as the Las Vegas version seen here with my dad and me.

Some of my have friends tried to use a mathematical formula to solve the mystery, but it never works. I find just looking at people's expressions can give certain things away. To make it more personal, you can create your own version of the gameplay with your friends as the suspects." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow


Available on Amazon, $19.99

Players: 2 or more

Ages: 8+

"Pictionary is another classic game that can get wildly competitive. 

If you're good at drawing under a time crunch, then this is the game for you. And if you can't draw very well, that makes this game all the more fun." — Anna Popp, Home and Kitchen Fellow

Disney Sketchy Tales

Available at Walmart, $20

Players: 4-8 

Ages: 8+

"The one thing my friends and family will never outgrow is our love of all things Disney, which is why this drawing game is a perfect way to channel our fandom. Sadly, our attempts at drawing Disney characters won't get us jobs as animators, but they are fine for a good laugh." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow


Ages 12-14+ Heads Up!

Available at Amazon, $18.18

Players: 2- 6 

Ages: 8+

"Also known as the "Ellen Degeneres game," Heads Up! originally started as a popular smartphone app. The board game version follows the same tactics: The player has to guess what's on the card hidden from their view (it's on their head), based on clues given by other players. There is a time limit and it moves fast.

Watching people attempt to act out some of the clues is hilarious and what makes it enjoyable. The game also has different expansion packs to keep things fresh." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow

Ticket to Ride

Available at Amazon, $43.99

Players: Up to 5 

Ages: 8+

"Ticket to Ride is an award-winning European-style board game that requires you to think ahead before you make a move. The point of the game is to run trains and decide routes between iconic cities — the longer the route, the more points you gain, but it is more complex when played. 

A fun feature this game has is you can include your Amazon Alexa device. If you tell Alexa, "Play Ticket to Ride," it will start up the game, teach you how to play, add fun sound effects, and keep track of your scores. It is extremely fun for all ages and does not take much time to learn." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow

Anomia Party Edition

Available at Amazon, $21.93

Players: 3-6

Ages: 10+ 

"If you enjoy word games, I'd recommend trying Anomia. Cards have symbols and words on them, and you have to race an opponent to name things that fall into the card's category — for example, categories could be rodent, dinosaur, male tennis player, etc." — Mara Leighton, Senior Education and Personal Development Reporter


Available at Amazon, $43.67

Players: 3-4 

Ages: 10+

"Catan is a strategy game and the goal is to collect resources to expand your settlement. You'll have to barter with other players, strategize the best way to gain points, and fight off thievery. The game is so popular that there are Catan tournaments around the world.

The classic version Catan is the favorite although there are also Seafarers, Junior, and even a Game of Thrones version. This game is suitable for players ages 10 or older, but plan to dedicate a few hours." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow


Catch Phrase

Available on Amazon, $20.99

Players: 2- 8 

Ages: 12+

"One reason for Monopoly's staying power is because it has the elements of what makes a great board game: It involves strategy, negotiation, secrecy, manipulation. 

My family loves to play the game a lot. In fact, our version at home is from my mom's college days. It's missing one card, which my mom had replaced with a piece of cardboard and wrote the information on by hand. It's one part game, one part heirloom.

This game has also evolved into numerous modern remakes, like the Disney edition, Cheaters edition, and Voice Banking Edition, which put a spin on the classic gameplay. My family also owns these, but it's mom's original that we still go to." — Ariel Ti layoff, Story Production Fellow


Hearing Things

Available at Amazon, $11.48

Players: 2-4 

Ages: 12+

"This game is about reading lips. Each player puts on a pair of noise-isolation headphones and tries to guess what someone is saying. As you would expect, there's a lot of wrong answers while hilarity ensues. 

My friends and I would forego the included headphones — we could still hear each other with them — and, instead, use Beats wireless headphones while playing some music to drown out the noise. 

The person or team that guesses the most phrases within a certain time frame wins. This game is good to play with family or a small group of friends but it can't be pushed beyond four people due to its setup." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow


Available at Amazon, $43.58

Players: 2-4

Ages: 13+

"For groups with stellar teamwork, Pandemic is for you. It can be played with two to four players, all of whom must collaborate to quash the spread of a virus. 

My friends and I have never beaten this game, but it's so fun, we will not stop trying." — Sarah Saril, Tech Deals and Streaming Reporter


Available at Amazon, $11.41

Players:  4-8 

Ages: 14+

"If you haven't guessed, my friends and I love game nights, preferably played alongside some wine and cheese. Codenames is a guessing game that revolves around two teams, and the goal is to guess all the words they were given based on word association clues given by each team's "spymaster."

Our description is a bit simplistic but it's far more challenging when played. It's a game for wordsmiths — besides that other game." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow


Available at Amazon, $50.50

Players: 1-5

Ages: 14+

"Nature lovers and bird watchers will enjoy playing Wingspan. From the Mountain Chickadee to the Western Meadowlark, you collect unique bird cards and try to lay as many eggs as possible. 

Wingspan has a solo mode and can be played by up to five people." — Reece Rogers, Streaming Fellow

Goat on a Boat

Available at Amazon, $18.36

Players: 2-20

Ages: 14+

"A game of rhyming, charades, and decoding phrases, Goat on a Boat is a hilarious team card game where you have to guess the rhyme or clues to a full phrase before the time runs out." — Anna Popp, Home and Kitchen Fellow 

Ages 16-18+ Trivial Pursuit

Available at Amazon, $17.76

Players:  2- 6 

Ages: 16+

"If you like trivia, you'll love this game. Another classic that remains popular, Trivial Pursuit tests your knowledge in a variety of categories, including sports, entertainment, and history. You have to answer a question right in each category to win; it's simple if you know your obscure facts.

There are also special editions that focus on specific topics, like US history and "Star Wars" movies. Even if you lose, you'll gain some new insights." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow


Midnight Taboo:

Available at Amazon, $19.99

Players: 4-8 

Ages: 18+

"This is the after-dark version of the classic game Taboo. Like the original, one player is the clue giver and the others have to guess the word. The person giving clues is only given a minute to explain the words — like "booze," "lick," and "suck" — while someone hovers over with a buzzer in case they say the forbidden word. 

In this adults-only version, the descriptions are hilarious and risque. If you want to play with family or kids, stick with the regular Taboo game." — Ariel Tilayoff, Story Production Fellow

All Bad Cards

Available for free at All Bad Cards

Players: 1-12 

Ages: 18+

"Inspired by the popular Cards Against Humanity, All Bad Cards is the online card game not for prudes. Like CAH, ABC involves a deck of (virtual) cards and from those cards, players fill in the blanks to create hilarious, highly NSFW sentences. It's Mad Libs for adults.

I recently played with friends from my study-abroad program — all you need is a computer or phone and then create a shareable link to send to your friends. We spent about two hours playing and laughing, and it was a great way for us to reconnect after not seeing each other for a while. 

There is also a family-friendly version called (Not) All Bad Cards that's more appropriate to play with kids. Another fun game for the family is the classic Apples to Apples." — Ariel Tilayoff, Former Story Production Fellow

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Biden says the January 6 insurrection was 'about white supremacy,' and that hate doesn't go away, 'it only hides'

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:35pm
President Joe Biden.
  • President Joe Biden said the January 6 insurrection is part of the US's legacy of white supremacy.
  • The insurrection "was about white supremacy, in my view," Biden said on Thursday.
  • Biden added that he thought hate "would go away. But it doesn't. It only hides."

Toward the end of his speech on Thursday in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington, President Joe Biden said the January 6 insurrection "was about white supremacy."

Biden, who was marking the 10th anniversary of the monument along with Vice President Kamala Harris, described a "through line" from slavery to the Capitol siege.

"You know, there's a tough through line of subjugation of enslaved people from our earliest days to the reigns of radicalized terror of the KKK to Dr. King being assassinated," Biden said. "And through that - though that line continues to be torturous, emerging from dark shadows in Charlottesville, carrying out Nazi banners and chanting Antisemitic bile and Ku Klux Klan flags, and the violent deadly insurrection on the Capitol nine months ago, it was about white supremacy, in my view."

The president also cited "the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans during the pandemic, and the rise of Antisemitism here and around the world."

After a pause, Biden reflected on his own naivete as a longtime politician.

"The through line is that hate never goes away," Biden said. "It never - I thought, in all the years I'd been involved - I thought once we got through it, it would go away. But it doesn't. It only hides."

The line appeared to resonate with the crowd, eliciting applause and shouts of approval.

Biden also echoed the intelligence community's assessment that white supremacist groups present the greatest danger to the homeland in the form of domestic terrorism.

"It only hides until some seeming[ly] legitimate person breathes some oxygen under the rocks where they're hiding, and gives it some breath," Biden said of hate.

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How to reset the network settings on your iPhone, and what happens when you do

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 3:20pm
Resetting your iPhone's network settings can help fix internet connectivity issues.
  • To reset the network settings on your iPhone, navigate to the "Reset" menu in the Settings app.
  • A network settings reset will erase all internet and network-related data stored on your iPhone.
  • Turning Airplane Mode on and off, restarting your iPhone, and reconnecting to WiFi can help resolve internet connectivity issues without having to do a network settings reset.
  • Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

An internet connection is vital to many of the iPhone's features and functions, from sending emails to checking the weather. If you find that your iPhone isn't able to access the internet, even if it looks like it's connected to WiFi or mobile data, a network settings reset may be necessary.

Here's everything you need to know about resetting your network settings on iPhone.

What happens when you reset your network settings on iPhone

Resetting network settings on your iPhone erases all internet and network-related data stored on your device. This includes names of WiFi networks, passwords, Bluetooth devices you've previously paired with, cellular network preferences, and VPN settings.

A network settings reset is different from a factory reset, the latter of which deletes all of your files and personal data. This is typically done when you trade in your old iPhone for a new one. With a network settings reset, your files and media are preserved, as well as web browser data and mobile carrier information.

What to try before you reset your network settings

Before you reset your network settings, first try completing a few troubleshooting steps.

Turn Airplane Mode on and off

First, turn Airplane Mode on for a minute, then turn it off.

1. Open the Settings app. Tap the toggle next to Airplane Mode to turn it on. Wait a minute or two, then tap the toggle again to turn it off.

The toggle turns green when Airplane Mode is on.

2. Alternatively, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen. Tap the Airplane Mode icon to turn it on. Tap the icon again to turn it off.

The icon turns orange when Airplane Mode is on. Turn your iPhone off and on

If turning Airplane Mode on and off doesn't resolve your issue, try turning your iPhone off and back on.

1. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds, or press and hold the Power button and a volume button, until a power off slider appears.

2. Swipe the slide to power off slider to the right.

You'll need to enter your passcode after turning your iPhone back on.

3. After your iPhone has fully powered down, press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

Reconnect to your WiFi network

If turning your iPhone off and on doesn't resolve your issue, try forgetting and reconnecting to your WiFi network.

1. Open the Settings app. Tap Wi-Fi.

2. Tap the "i" icon next to the name of the WiFi network you're currently connected to.

On this page, you'll see a list of WiFi networks in your vicinity.

3. Tap Forget This Network, then tap Forget to confirm.

This page contains the information on a specific WiFi network.

4. In the list of WiFi networks, tap on the name of the network you want to join. Type in the network password, then tap Join.

How to reset network settings on your iPhone

Finally, if you're still having issues connecting to the internet, reset your network settings.

1. Open the Settings app. Tap General.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list. Tap Reset.

The "Reset" option is at the bottom of the Settings menu.

3. Tap Reset Network Settings. Enter your passcode if prompted, then tap Reset Network Settings to confirm your choice.

On this page, you can also reset all settings or erase all of your content and settings. How to manually update the carrier settings on your iPhone to improve its cellular connection and performanceWhat to do when your iPhone won't turn offHow to use Live Text, a new iPhone feature in iOS 15 that lets you copy text from photosHow to check which iPhone model you have, and find your exact model numberRead the original article on Business Insider

Trump's new social media platform won't let users criticize the site, according to its terms of service

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 2:53am
Former President Donald Trump.
  • Trump announced plans Wednesday to launch a new social media platform.
  • TRUTH Social was created to "give a voice to all," according to Trump.
  • But the site's terms of service says users agree not to "disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm" it.

Former President Donald Trump announced plans Wednesday to launch a new social media platform that will "give a voice to all," or at least to those who don't plan to criticize it.

That's according to TRUTH Social's terms of service, which says users may not "disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site."

Other banned conduct includes impersonating another user, copying the site's software, or using the site in a way that breaks the law.

Trump, who has long railed against censorship by social media companies, said in a statement that he created the new platform "to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech."

"We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced," he said.

He added that Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company behind TRUTH Social, was "founded with a mission to give a voice to all."

The announcement about the new platform came after many months of reports that Trump was looking into launching his own platform after being booted from sites like Facebook and Twitter for violating their terms of service.

TRUTH Social will reportedly publicly launch in 2022.

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China Evergrande shares plunge as much as 14% in resumed trade after $2.6 billion deal collapses

Thu, 10/21/2021 - 2:52am
Evergrande housing complex.
  • Shares of China Evergrande have plunged as much as 14% after its deal to sell a $2.6 billion stake in a key unit fell through.
  • Evergrande shares were suspended for more than two weeks before trade resumed on Thursday.
  • Once China's top-selling developer, Evergrande is now reeling under more than $300 billion of debt.

Shares of China Evergrande Group slid as much as 14% on Thursday after a deal to sell a $2.6 billion stake in its property services unit fell through, in the latest blow to the developer whose massive debt woes have rattled global markets.

Evergrande said on Wednesday it had scrapped a deal to sell a 50.1% stake in Evergrande Property Services Group Ltd to Hopson Development Holdings Ltd as the smaller rival had not met the "prerequisite to make a general offer."

Both sides appeared to trade blame for the setback, with Hopson saying it does not accept "there is any substance whatsoever" to Evergrande's termination of the sales agreement, and it is exploring options to protect its legitimate interests.

The deal is the developer's second to collapse in a matter of days after two sources told Reuters the $1.7 billion sale of its Hong Kong headquarters had failed amid buyer worries over Evergrande's dire financial situation.

The latest setback also comes just ahead of the expiry of a 30-day grace period for Evergrande to pay $83.5 million in coupon payments for an offshore bond, at which time China's most indebted developer would be considered in default.

Trading in shares of China Evergrande, its property services unit and Hopson all resumed on Thursday after a more than two-week suspension. China Evergrande trimmed opening losses and was down 6% in early trade, while its property services unit dropped 5.7%. Shares of Hopson fell 0.3%.

Once China's top-selling developer and now reeling under more than $300 billion of debt, government officials have come out in force to say Evergrande's problems will not spin out of control and trigger a broader financial crisis.

Separately on Thursday, Modern Land (China) Co Ltd said it has ceased to seek consent from investors to extend the maturity date of a dollar bond due on Oct. 25. Its shares were suspended from trading on Thursday.

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Tesla's Gigafactory in China has managed to boost production even amid supply chain challenges

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 11:42pm
Tesla CEO Elon Musk (center) in Shanghai.
  • Tesla said its production in China has "ramped up well," with Shanghai remaining the company's primary export hub.
  • Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory now produces more cars than its Fremont, CA, factory.
  • The electric vehicle maker reported record revenue and profit in the third quarter.

Tesla's operations in China appear to be overcoming the supply chain challenges - including a global chip shortage hitting carmakers worldwide.

The electric vehicle maker posted record revenue and profit in the third quarter of this year as production and demand in China held up well.

Tesla acknowledged "global supply chain and logistic challenges" in its press release yesterday. But the carmaker still managed to boost production in the third quarter, delivering 241,300 vehicles globally, a rise of 73% on-year.

"For all of Q3, China remained our main export hub," Tesla said at its quarterly earnings release yesterday. "Production has ramped well in China, and we are driving improvements to increase the production rate further."

Co-founder and CEO Elon Musk said at Tesla's annual shareholders' meeting earlier this month that its Shanghai Gigafactory now produces more cars than its Fremont, California, factory.

"The increase in production rate has primarily been driven by further ramping of the Model Y at our Shanghai factory," chief financial office Zach Kirkhorn said, according to a transcript of an earnings call that took place on Wednesday.

Chinese consumers also appear to be taking to Tesla's product line.

Tesla does not break down deliveries by country, but data from the China Passenger Car Association showed the carmaker sold more than 52,000 China-made vehicles to consumers in September.

Tesla exported 3,583 vehicles from its Shanghai factory last month.

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Ex-Trump aide who founded 'free speech' app GETTR says he couldn't come to a deal with Trump, who has just announced a new social platform of his own

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 11:15pm
Jason Miller, Senior Adviser to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, appears for the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in the Senate, at the Capitol in Washington, on Feb. 9, 2021.
  • Donald Trump announced plans Wednesday to launch a new social media site called TRUTH Social.
  • Former Trump spokesperson Jason Miller said the two were unable to reach a deal on a platform.
  • Miller left his Trump role to launch the "free speech" app GETTR, which Trump hasn't joined.

Jason Miller, who served as an adviser to former President Donald Trump, said the two were unable to reach a deal regarding their social media sites in a statement that followed Trump announcing plans to launch a new platform.

Earlier this year, Miller left his role as Trump's spokesman to launch GETTR, a social media platform that brands itself as a "free speech" app.

Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs reported at the time that Trump did not have any plans to join or become financially involved in GETTR, as he was still looking into launching his own platform.

Trump officially announced plans for a new platform on Wednesday, saying in a statement he created it "to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech." The social media site, which will be called TRUTH Social, is slated to launch for the public in 2022, according to Trump.

Following the news, Miller released a statement congratulating Trump and saying the two had tried to come to a deal.

"Congratulations to President Trump for re-entering the social media fray! Now Facebook and Twitter will lose even more market share," he wrote. "President Trump has always been a great deal-maker, but we just couldn't come to terms on a deal."

He also touted new features on GETTR and urged people to download the app.

Trump has been exploring ways to get back on social media after being booted from popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook earlier this year for violating their terms of service.

In addition to foregoing GETTR, Trump has not joined any of the other alternative apps aimed at conservatives and members of the far-right, such as Parler or Gab.

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Trump bemoaned being banned from Twitter in his announcement for new social network: TRUTH Social

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 10:38pm
Former U.S. President Donald Trump.
  • Donald Trump announced plans to launch a new social media site in 2022 called TRUTH Social.
  • The former president said he created the site to "fight back" against Big Tech.
  • Trump cited the Taliban's Twitter presence while bemoaning his own permanent ban from the site.

Donald Trump deemed himself America's "favorite President," in a press release announcing plans for his own social media platform called TRUTH Social.

The former president on Wednesday announced the app while reaffirming his longstanding hostility toward "Big Tech" - specifically mentioning his permanent ban from Twitter.

"We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced," he wrote. "This is unacceptable."

In a lawsuit filed against Twitter, Trump's lawyers have made a similar argument as to why the former president should be reinstated on the social media platform.

While members of the Taliban government do have Twitter accounts, the site, along with Facebook and YouTube, has enforced varied bans against specific Taliban content in the wake of the group's August takeover in Afghanistan. But as the extremist group begins a new reign, eager to prove themselves as a legitimate government on the world stage, the rules aren't clear as to who or what should be banned, as Insider's Hannah Towey and Heather Schlitz reported earlier this year.

Prior to August, the Taliban was banned from most social media platforms because it posted content primarily focused on attacks against the US, Emerson Brooking, a senior fellow studying social media and international security at the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab told Recode earlier this year.

But now that the war with the US is over, the Taliban has adjusted their social media habits, instead focusing on using platforms to make press statements and provide information to citizens.

Trump, meanwhile, had his Twitter account permanently suspended in January, following the January 6 Capitol riot. The company cited a risk of "further incitement of violence" if the former president was allowed to keep his account.

The former president's Wednesday announcement comes after months of speculation regarding his plans to create his own media operation in the wake of his suspension from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Rep. Katie Porter calls out Johnson & Johnson over trying to split company during baby powder lawsuits

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 10:25pm
  • Rep. Katie Porter blasted Johnson & Johnson for trying to separate its company.
  • She said that the company is trying to "shield its assets" during lawsuits.
  • The lawsuits allege that the company knew their baby powder had asbestos in it for decades.

Rep. Katie Porter called out Johnson & Johnson on Twitter for moving to separate the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder portions from the company as it faces lawsuits from tens of thousands of women alleging the Baby Powder and other talc products from the company were contaminated with asbestos.

"Johnson & Johnson filed in court last week to split its Baby Powder from the rest of the company," the congresswoman tweeted. "Why? J&J knew asbestos laced some bottles but kept it a secret for decades. Tens of thousands of women with ovarian cancer are suing, and the company wants to shield its assets."

"J&J sold the powder for 60 years, and now that it has to pay for these women's medical bills, it wants the courts to treat 'Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder' as a separate company," California congresswoman continued.

-Rep. Katie Porter (@RepKatiePorter) October 19, 2021

A 2018 investigation by Reuters reported that small amounts of asbestos were found in the company's baby powder between the early 1970s and the early 2000s. The investigation found through documents that the company failed to disclose that information.

The company has repeatedly denied the claims.

Reuters reported last week that cases against Johnson & Johnson cost to company about $1 billion to defend, and settlements and verdicts have been an additional $3.5 billion.

In June, J&J had to pay out $2 billion to women who claim their products caused ovarian cancer.

Nearly 40,000 plaintiffs are suing Johnson & Johnson, alleging that their talc-based products caused cancer and mesothelioma.

In one suit, the plaintiffs allege "Johnson & Johnson's baby powder was aggressively marketed to Black women as a product that would 'maintain freshness and cleanliness,'" Insider's Aleeya Mayo previously reported. "But, the group says, internal documents from a study conducted in 1968 suggest that the powder contained talc which may have been contaminated with asbestos and that the company knew there was a 'carcinogenic nature of talc and the effects of talc use.'"

The company put these claims into a company called LTL Management LLC, which filed for bankruptcy last Thursday, October 14, halting the cases, according to Reuters. The lawsuits are currently paused while the bankruptcy is negotiated. J&J said will fund the company's legal costs, but the amount is under review, Reuters reported.

Court paperwork by the newly filed company said that the case was "necessitated by an unrelenting assault by the plaintiff trial bar, premised on the false allegations that the ... talc products contain asbestos and cause cancer," according to Reuters.

"There are countless Americans suffering from cancer, or mourning the death of a loved one, because of the toxic baby powder that Johnson & Johnson put on the market that has made it one of the most profitable pharmaceutical corporations in the world. Their conduct and now bankruptcy gimmick is as despicable as it is brazen," Linda Lipsen, who is a part of the American Association for Justice, said in a statement, according to ABC News.

The company did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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Evergrande has abandoned plans to sell a $2.6 billion stake in one of its key units, even as Chinese officials seek to calm nerves about the company's debt crisis

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 9:44pm
Evergrande headquarters in Shenzhen, southeastern China.
  • Embattled Chinese property giant China Evergrande formally abandoned plans to sell a $2.6 billion stake in one of its key units.
  • The news comes as Chinese officials have been trying to soothe fears over Evergrande's debt crisis.
  • Once China's top-selling developer, the company is now reeling under more than $300 billion of debt.

Teetering Chinese property giant China Evergrande formally abandoned plans to sell a $2.6 billion stake in one of its key units on Wednesday, as Beijing officials went out in force to say the problems would not spin out of control.

Once China's top-selling developer and now reeling under more than $300 billion of debt, Evergrande was in talks to sell a 50.1% stake in its Evergrande Property Services arm to smaller rival Hopson Development Holdings.

In a stock exchange filing late on Wednesday, Evergrande said that the company had reason to believe that Hopson had not met the "prerequisite to make a general offer" for its unit without elaborating further.

In a separate exchange filing, Evergrande said barring its sale of a stake worth $1.5 billion in Chinese lender Shengjing Bank Co, it had made no material progress in selling other assets it has put on the block.

Evergrande's disclosures came after a number of top Chinese officials had sought to reassure homebuyers and markets that the current woes in the property sector would not be allowed to turn into a full-scale crisis.

Worries that a cash crunch at Evergrande, whose liabilities are equal to 2% of China's gross domestic product, could cause economic contagion have seen swathes of other heavily-indebted developers hit with credit rating downgrades, while some smaller ones have already defaulted.

In comments reported by state media Xinhua and echoing words from the country's central bank late last week, Vice Premier Liu He told a Beijing forum on Wednesday that the risks were controllable, and that reasonable capital demand from property firms was being met.

The chairman of China's securities regulator, Yi Huiman, added at the same forum that authorities would properly handle the default risks and look to curb excessive debt more broadly.

"(We need) to improve the effectiveness of the constraint mechanism on debt financing, to avoid excessive financing through 'high leverage'," Yi said.

Chinese property developers have total outstanding debt of 33.5 trillion yuan ($5.24 trillion), according to Nomura, equivalent to roughly a third of the country's gross domestic product.

Evergrande, which has epitomized China's freewheeling era of borrowing and building, has been scrambling to raise funds to pay its many lenders and suppliers, amid expectations it is about to formally default on one of its international bonds.

In its Wednesday filing, Evergrande said it would continue to implement measures "to ease the liquidity issues" and would use best efforts to negotiate for the renewal or extension of its borrowings with its creditors.

"In view of the difficulties, challenges and uncertainties in improving its liquidity, there is no guarantee that the group will be able to meet its financial obligations under the relevant financing documents and other contracts," it said.

Creditors have so far said there has been no contact from Evergrande despite weeks of effort on their behalf. Evergrande will officially be in default if it doesn't make an already- overdue March 2022 bond coupon payment by Monday.

Blame game

Sources told Reuters on Tuesday Evergrande had been forced to shelve its property services unit stake sale to Hopson after failing to win the blessing of the Guangdong provincial government, which is overseeing Evergrande's restructuring.

Some of Evergrande's international creditors had also opposed the deal, one of them said. If companies sell assets just before they collapse, creditors have less to claw their money back with.

There was a blame game starting too though.

Hopson said in an exchange filing that it had been prepared to complete the deal but had received a transaction termination notice from Evergrande on Oct. 13.

Evergrande, Evergrande Property Services, and Hopson, which have had trading in their shares suspended since Oct. 4 pending the deal announcement, all said they had requested for their shares to resume trading in Hong Kong from Thursday.

The sale setback for Evergrande comes after Chinese state-owned Yuexiu Property pulled out of a proposed $1.7 billion deal to buy its Hong Kong headquarters last week.

Rebuilding process

Pan Gongsheng, head of China's foreign exchange regulator, added to a chorus of officials trying to soothe concerns, saying excessive tightening by financial institutions and markets on the property sector was being gradually corrected, financial magazine Yicai reported.

Those comments followed a speech by People's Bank of China (PBOC) Governor Yi Gang, who said on Sunday that the world's second-largest economy is "doing well" but faces challenges such as default risks for certain firms due to "mismanagement."

A transcript of the comments released by the PBOC on Wednesday showed Yi also saying that China will fully respect and protect the legal rights of Evergrande's creditors and asset owners, in line with "repayment priorities" laid out by China's laws.

Strong demand at a sale of Chinese government bonds on Wednesday showed there was no sign of the troubles impacting the wider markets.

The official reassurances in recent days and some coupon payments from other major developers, helped China high-yield debt spreads continue to improve after hitting record high levels last week.

There was an increasingly stark divide though. While many firms saw their bond prices continue to regain ground, Kaisa group, which was the first Chinese real estate firm to default in 2015, saw its bonds hit new record lows.

Central China Real Estate became the latest to see its credit rating chopped, and like many of its peers in recent days, was immediately warned that it could happen again too.

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Trump announces plans to launch new social media platform called TRUTH Social in 2022

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 8:56pm
  • Trump unveiled his plans to launch a new social media site in 2022 called TRUTH Social.
  • The app will launch in Apple's App Store to invitees only in November and to the public in 2022.
  • Trump said he created the app to "stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech."

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced his plans to launch his own social media platform, TRUTH Social, according to a press release.

The app, which is available for pre-order in Apple's App Store, will open to invitees in November and to the public in the first quarter of 2022, the release said.

TRUTH Social will be launched by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), a recently created company that's aiming to go public via a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company.

"I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech," Trump said in the statement.

Trump's announcement comes after months of speculation about his plans to create his own media operation after nearly every major social media platform - including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube - banned or suspended him for violating their policies.

"We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced," Trump said.

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How to clear the cache on your Google Chrome desktop browser or mobile app

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 7:58pm
It's important to periodically clear your Chrome cache on desktop and mobile.
  • You can clear the cache on your Google Chrome desktop browser or mobile app via the "More" icon.
  • When clearing cache and cookies, you can choose a time range as short as an hour or clear everything entirely.
  • Clearing the cache on Google Chrome can help fix loading or formatting issues on websites.
  • Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

As you browse on the web, cache and cookies get stored on your computer. It's unavoidable, and much of it is to improve your browsing experience.

Cookies are files created by browsers (like Google Chrome) and stored on your computer when a website requests them. Cookies store information like what's in your shopping cart and authentication information. A cache, on the other hand, stores images and text from websites you visit so that the page loads faster if you visit the same page again.

Over time, cache and cookies can accumulate and slow down your browser. Therefore, it's a good idea to clear them every once in a while to ensure your browser continues running smoothly.

How to clear cache on Google Chrome

Clearing your cache on Google Chrome can be done on both desktop and mobile in just a few steps.

On desktop:

1. Open Google Chrome. Click the More icon (it looks like three dots) at the top-right of the screen.

2. In the drop-down menu, click More Tools, then Clear Browsing Data.

You can also access the "Clear Browsing Data" window via "History."

3. In the pop-up menu, choose a time range. Options range from the last hour to all time.

4. Make sure the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files are checked.

5. Click Clear data.

You may need to wait a few seconds after clicking "Clear data" before the process is complete.

Quick tip: You can delete cookies for specific websites in Settings.

On mobile:

1. Open the Google Chrome app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. Tap the More icon (it looks like three dots) at the top-right of the screen for Android devices, and bottom-right of the screen for Apple devices.

The "More" icon will appear at the top-right for Android users and bottom-left for iPhone users..

2. Tap History, then Clear Browsing Data.

On the History page, you'll see a list of the websites you've recently visited.

3. Choose a time range. Options range from the last hour to all time.

4. Make sure the boxes for Cookies and site data and Cached images and files are checked.

5. Tap Clear data on Android devices, or Clear Browsing Data on Apple devices.

Tap to select the data types you want deleted from your mobile device.

Quick tip: Before you clear the cache and cookies on an Apple device, make sure you know your Google Account password or that your recovery phone number and email address are up to date, as clearing your cache and cookies might sign you out of Google.

Why you should clear your Chrome cache

In general, clearing your cache in Google Chrome should lead to a faster, more efficient browsing experience -particularly if you notice that pages are loading slower than usual or websites aren't displaying the most up-to-date information.

It can also fix formatting issues on websites. In clearing your cache, you'll ensure that when visiting websites, Chrome will save the most current files. Additionally, regularly clearing your Chrome cache can help keep your browsing data private.

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How to update your Amazon Firestick

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 7:36pm
You should your Firestick updated, just like any other device.
  • You can update your Amazon Firestick through the Settings menu.
  • Your Firestick should be checking for updates every day, but the Settings menu lets you update it manually.
  • Keeping your Firestick updated is important for keeping your data secure and receiving new features.
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The Amazon Fire TV Stick (also known as the Firestick) lets users to watch their favorite content on apps like Netflix and HBO Max, as well as shop on Amazon. But like any internet-connected device released nowadays, the Firestick requires regular updates to run properly and unlock new features.

By default, your Firestick should check for updates automatically every day. But if you want to check for updates yourself, you just need to open the Settings menu.

How to update your Amazon Fire Stick

1. Turn on your Firestick and get to the home screen, then select the Settings option - depending on your Firestick, it might just look like a gear icon.

2. In Settings, scroll and click on the My Fire TV tab. On some Firesticks, you might see Device or System instead.

Head to My Fire TV.

3. In the menu that opens, click About and then scroll down to Check for Updates. You'll see a note on the right side of the page telling you what version of the OS your Firestick is running, and the last time it checked for an update.

4. Click Check for Updates to see if your device is up to date. If an Install Update option appears, it means that there's an update available for you. If it just says Your Fire TV is up to date, you're running the latest software.

Your Firestick should be checking for updates every day.

5. If the Install Update option appears, select it. Your Firestick should turn off, and then turn back on a few minutes later with the update installed.

Taylor Lyles contributed to a previous version of this article.

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