In Brazil, high security Uber for the safest trips

August 10th, 2016  |  Source:

Bluclub is a new car service featuring armored vehicles and drivers trained in defensive driving.

Though on-demand rideshare services are undoubtedly convenient, the peer-to-peer model of businesses like Uber can be prone to crime. Last year, according to the district attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles, the company had failed to notice the criminal record of 25 drivers it background-checked and hired in the two cities. We have seen the car service that only employs female drivers and will serve only women (including trans women) and children under 13. Now, from Brazil,Bluclub is an on-demand car service that puts the safety of its passengers first.

Recently launched in Beta, all of the vehicles used by Bluclub are armored for utmost security. All drivers employed by the startup have also taken defensive driving courses, ensuring that passengers are protected. Users pay for ride packages in advance, and the rate starts at around 11 miles for BRL 90 (USD 27), or USD 2.45 per mile. This puts the service a little above Uber rates in NYC (USD 1.75 per mile).

Intersted riders in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo can now apply for access via Bluclub’s site. We have already seen a community-funded rideshare nonprofit in Austin, what other niche rideshare services could offer functions neglected by the giants?


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