Trump now worth $3 billion, according to Bloomberg

July 19th, 2016  |  Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg released Donald Trump's new net worth on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index:

His worth has increased to $3 billion, up from $2.9 billion a year ago. The story by Caleb Melby shows that while Trump is richer in property - the value of his golf courses and Trump Tower in NYC have risen - his debt has nearly doubled over the past year, up to $630 million in total debt from $350 million in 2015. Trump has sold at least $50 million of stocks and bonds. He also drew down on a $170 million line of credit from Deutsche Bank AG for a hotel project in Washington. Trump has said he will spend $200 million renovating the Old Post Office building, blocks from the White House. Trump's liquid assets shrunk to about $170 million from $225 million. He has also loaned about $50 million to his campaign but doesn't plan on recouping the amount, he said.

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