America is losing the stomach to fight Covid-19


The country is now on the verge of leaving the battlefield before the war is over 

The chances that Donald Trump will bring Anthony Fauci, right, back on to the podium are now low. The voice of science is the last thing the president wants to hear 

 It is an odd moment to surrender to coronavirus. 

Right and left, conservative and liberal — all parts of the US spectrum embraced the language of war. The metaphor was clearly too glib. Downgrading the fight now would be like George Washington taking a vacation after crossing the Delaware. Mission accomplished only works when there is a vaccine, which is at least a year away. Yet large parts of the country, including Donald Trump, are taking victory laps. Little surprise that Anthony Fauci, the most trusted face of American science, is no longer pictured anywhere near Mr Trump. His last televised White House appearance was in April. This week Dr Fauci said the pandemic was “not close to over yet”.

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