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Whether running a multinational company, confronting the challenges of thriving in a global marketplace, or managing an international nongovernmental organization providing services to those in need, the main goal of our work is the creation of value.

Whether managing the assets of a multibillion-euro investment fund or deciding how to invest the philanthropic capital of a family foundation, the goal we are working toward is that of maximizing the value of each investment we make. Value is the only commonality in an increasingly complex and challenging world. And Value will seek to offer those managing in this environment the insights and understandings necessary to achieve our greatest potential for success.

The value being pursued today goes beyond our traditional understanding of the term. Yes, a large part of value creation has to do with maximizing economic value and financial returns for shareholders. Yet, it is increasingly obvious that in order to maximize economic value one must consider not simply the easily defined indicators we have traditionally relied upon, but rather the less easily defined aspects of value that are extra-financial often social and/or environmental in nature.

Furthermore, the assets we have under our command to help us achieve our goals are no longer thought of in traditional economic terms but are also increasingly gathered in a portfolio of intangible assets we must nevertheless learn how to manage: people, environmental services, reputation. Each of these and many others make up our asset base and must be cultivated if we are to achieve long-term success as leaders and investors.

Over the coming months, through the use of this magazine, a Website, a series of face-to-face events, and other means, it is our intent to explore together with you how strategies for maximizing value are shifting. We approach this discussion with no pat answers or prescriptive doctrine but with an understanding that the best tools for maximizing value will be developed out of a crosscutting dialogue among those creating the answers to the emerging challenges of our time.

We welcome you to this dialogue and look forward to bringing you some of the most provocative thinkers and doers of our time.

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Value is the only commonality in an increasingly complex, challenging and interdependent world.
Laurance Allen: Editor + Publisher